Cancellation Policy

If cancelled 21 days prior to the reservation, full deposit (30% prepayment) is refunded to the customer.

If a cancellation made less than 21 days, the company (Pegasus Rent a Car) reserves the right to hold 50% of the prepayment of the booking.

If a cancellation is made less than 12 before the reservation, the company, Pegasus Rent A Car, reserves the right to hold the full prepayment

If the renter returns the vehicle earlier than the expiry of the contract, Pegasus Rent A Car will charge the total amount of the reservation..

Rental terms

Driver’s age

The minimum age is 21 years old for A,B,C categories. For D,E categories the driver must be over 25 years old.

Driving license

Must be issued at least one year ahead the rental day. The tenant must have a Greek or a license valid in the tenant’s country.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 24hours.


Value added tax (VAT) of 24% and city tax are included in the rates.


In case of violation of traffic regulations any fine paid by the tenant. Parking is permitted everywhere that there is not a “No Parking” sign.

Mileage limit

No kilometers costs.


Free delivery and collection (in agreement with the tenant) may be made at the hotel or any kind of accommodation (except from Agios Fokas, Kyra Panagia and Atsitsa) from 08:00 to 22:00. For the above-mentioned beaches, Port of Skyros (Linaria) and Airport, please contact us by email. Upon collection, the tenant before signing the contract must check the condition of the car. The car must be at the same condition upon the return.

Second Driver

There is a small charge for the second driver.

Excursions outside the island

The rent is exclusive to the carriage of passengers and no other use is permitted. Car may be used outside Skyros Isl. with the written permission of the company.

Child seats

The first child seat is free of charge.

Belatedly returns

The tenant should return the vehicle the day and the exact time as mentioned in the contract. Otherwise is a charge per hour (Please check the reservation form)

If tenant would like to extend the hire, he is obliged to contact with Pegasus Rent A Car 24 hours prior to the expiry of the existing contract.


The violation of the agreement terms has penal offence.

Force majeure

If company is not able to lease the vehicle you have chosen due to emergency reasons (usually mechanical damage), Pegasus Rent A Car,  will lease you another vehicle (same category, we will do our best) up the replacing.

Guarantee/Booking Payment

The company requires from the tenant the 30% of the total amount of the reservation as a prepayment. The prepayment can be made either by credit card or at the company’s bank account.

The credit card is compulsory even if the tenant pays the bill in cash.

Fuel Policy

Our policy is to give the car full and collect it back full again. Solutions for piking up the car in a closing time of a gas station will be found out (we will count on spent kilometers)

Auto insurance

P.I for others

It is an insurance that is given free to all vehicles and provides civil liability to third parties up to 478.367Euros,

material damages to third parties and vehicle fire.

In case of a, Pegasus Rent A Car, car collision damage, the tenant pays the whole value of the damage.

C.D.W (collision damage waiver)

If tenant would like to avoid the above and limit his liability to 450.00Euros for A,B,C categories and 700.00Euros for D,E categories may choose C.D.W insurance.

  • it costs 5.00Euros for A,B.C categories.
  • It costs 10.00Euros for D.E categories.

Under the condition that damage has not been occurred by violation of traffic regulations, tires, barpriz, wheels, mirrors, windows and generally inside, outside and underneath the car. Collision Damage Waiver includes attacks and natural phenomena insurance and theft insurance.

Fracture of panes

Fracture of panes insurance costs 2.00Euros per day.

Insurance does not apply if:

  • driver is under the condition of alcohol and drugs
  • driver violates the traffic regulations
  • the vehicle is driver in inaccessible areas (lakes, sand, rocks)
  • the vehicle has underneath damage
  • driver continues driving without air in the tires or car engine fault indicator problems.

In case of a crash (tires, mirrors, any scratch), a police report is required, so as to have an insurance coverage.